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EMCED is located on the campus of Mississippi State University – Meridian. We service 24 public school districts across 19 counties in the east Mississippi area. School districts pay an annual membership fee based upon the number of teachers and administrators employed by the member district EMCED services an educational community of over 4800 teachers and 350 administrators. Each year more than 3,000 educators elect to participate in training sessions developed and delivered by EMCED.


Our Mission

EMCED is committed to assuming a strong leadership role in supporting public educator's efforts to develop quality learning environments in which all children can obtain a quality education. EMCED's partnership with member school districts and Mississippi State University promotes high-quality instruction in the classroom and overall school improvement by enhancing and improving the personal and professional effectiveness educators. This is accomplished through high-quality professional development opportunities and support services provided in an efficient and affordable format.


The consortium is governed by a board of directors comprised of the superintendents of member school districts. An executive committee is elected from the board to oversee the operations of the consortium. The executive director serves as chief executive officer of the consortium and is selected and appointed by the board of directors.

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