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EMCED is committed to assuming a strong leadership role in supporting public educators’ efforts to develop quality learning environments in which all children can obtain a quality education. EMCED’s partnership with member school districts and Mississippi State University promotes high-quality instruction in the classroom and overall school improvement by enhancing and improving the personal and professional effectiveness of educators.  This is accomplished through high-quality professional development opportunities and support services provided in an efficient and affordable format.  






The Attendance Improvement Institute is a two-day working event that guides district-level teams to build locally appropriate, research- based, and foundational attendance improvement plans that have high probability of significantly improving attendance rates. Additionally, the Institute prepares district-level teams to replicate the attendance improvement planning process with school-site teams, to provide necessary professional development to school-site teams, and to guide and sustain school-level initiatives.

During the two-day working event, school teams will be guided to produce and implement customized and logical plans of action. Participating teams will leave the event with workable district plans, strategies for school-level implementation, and links to ongoing support and resources that will sustain their work over time.

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High-Leverage Practices

The MDE's Office of Special Education and Office of Professional Development are excited to announce this in-person training day for K-12 general AND special education teachers.  This is a one day event consisting of (4) 90-minute sessions highlighting high-leverage practices (HLPs) that all teachers can use to help all student succeed in the classroom!  Session topics include the following:  co-teaching, providing actionable feedback, building relationships, and being data- and information-rich!

NOTE:  Participants are encouraged to bring note-taking materials and a laptop.  Participants who attend all 4 sessions will qualify for .6 CEUs.

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Principals Bootcamp

June 3-4, 2024



1000 Hwy 19 North

Meridian, MS 39307


Principal Bootcamp

This bootcamp will look at the day-to-day operations of school and provide guidance on how to navigate those early days as a new administrator. Each session will be led by some of the state’s top current administrators who will provide useful information, knowledge, and support to help you prepare for the new year.

This training is free to EMCED members and $220.00 for non-members.

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Metro Math Conference

The Rankin County School District’s Secondary Math Curriculum specialists are proud to announce they will be hosting an Inaugural Metro-Math Conference. It will be held at Northwest Rankin High School in Flowood, MS June 25 through June 26. This two-day conference will be a professional learning opportunity centered around math content and instruction. Math teachers in grades 6-12, instructional coaches, and math curriculum specialists from across the Jackson Metropolitan area will have the opportunity to learn, collaborate, share experiences, and network with like-minded individuals. 

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Need information regarding professional development opportunities? 

Here is a resource list of agencies that offer CEUS or coursework -

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Canopy Childrens Solutions Invitation

Join us at this year’s Children’s Mental Health Summit, July 24-26, at The Sheraton Flowood. This year’s theme, “The Ecology of a Child,” will explore the intricate connections within a child’s world. Join Canopy as we delve into the realms of family, community, health and wellness, education, and policy, and the way these shape a child’s wellbeing. Expanding to three days this year, the summit features keynote speakers Damon West and Dr. Zowee Shanks, panels and breakout sessions covering these areas. Together, we will nurture the growth and resilience of future generations.

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