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EMCED is committed to assuming a strong leadership role in supporting public educators’ efforts to develop quality learning environments in which all children can obtain a quality education. EMCED’s partnership with member school districts and Mississippi State University promotes high-quality instruction in the classroom and overall school improvement by enhancing and improving the personal and professional effectiveness of educators.  This is accomplished through high-quality professional development opportunities and support services provided in an efficient and affordable format.  


MS Professional Growth System Training


School Leadership Teams

EMCED is excited to offer a half day training to school teams comprised of the school principal and 2-4 teachers on the MS Professional Growth System teacher rubrics. February 21 or February 22, 2024 will be the date for the training.

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The Attendance Improvement Institute is a two-day working event that guides district-level teams to build locally appropriate, research- based, and foundational attendance improvement plans that have high probability of significantly improving attendance rates. Additionally, the Institute prepares district-level teams to replicate the attendance improvement planning process with school-site teams, to provide necessary professional development to school-site teams, and to guide and sustain school-level initiatives.

During the two-day working event, school teams will be guided to produce and implement customized and logical plans of action. Participating teams will leave the event with workable district plans, strategies for school-level implementation, and links to ongoing support and resources that will sustain their work over time.

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EMCED Leadership Institute

EMCED is excited to offer training for K-12 administrators needing professional learning opportunities to address leadership practices that administrators face daily in their local school and districts.

The EMCED Leadership Institute is comprised of 9 modules based on the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) and are scheduled throughout the school year allowing participants to make the commitment to prepare, communicate, and practice skills of the training.

The first module will start in August 2023, and sessions will conclude with module 9 in April 2024. Participants will have access to the best trainers in the state, with current superintendents, former superintendents, district personnel and college professors leading the trainings.

Each module is a two-day training with 10 SEMI’s and 1 OSL offered. Each module is a stand-alone training. Participants may attend one, two or all nine modules.

The cost for each module is $160.00 for EMCED members and $220.00 for non-members.

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For more information you may contact us at 601-484-0306.

Modules and dates

Practical Leadership for Administrators

Practical Leadership for Administrators

This unique training program is designed for entry and career level administrators of Mississippi schools.  The goal of this training is to prepare school leaders for practical, effective leadership, which positively impacts school improvement and, subsequently, student learning.  The program employs a number of learning platforms interspersed over the program’s lifetime and addresses a wide range of topics necessary to prepare school leaders to meet today’s challenges and responsibilities.

This 17 Week Course will provide each participant a hybrid professional learning model with 6 days face-to-face trainings, 16 hours of direct coaching, and 25 hours of self-paced online virtual training with a total of 78.5 hours which is more than the required 62.5 hours required for 5 OSL’s


Need information regarding professional development opportunities? 

Here is a resource list of agencies that offer CEUS or coursework -

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Mississippi State University
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